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This week:

Undoubtedly, this is a difficult time for our nation, our state, our health care workers, our community, and on a more  personal level, my team. and our patients. I am humbled by the grace and resilience of our amazing patient families,! You, our wonderful patients, have humbled me with your kindness and resilience in these unprecedented times.

Our office is taking every precaution to ensure your safety and health in our offices. Here are just a few ways we at PFC are making it easier and safer for you to continue your health care. 


COVID-19  Policy for Parkway Family Chiropractic

As of 3/21/2020


Daily Screening policy for Staff and Patients– Questions asked daily to each staff member

  • Symptom Check –
  • How are you feeling?
  • Any fever?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Sore Throat?
  • Any coughing?
  • Diarrhea?
  • Temp taken
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone that has COVID-19?
  • Have you traveled in the last two weeks?

If yes to any of these questions,staff or patient member must go home and be excluded for 3 days with no fever and seven days from first symptom or 14 days if its close contact of Diagnosed COVID – 19 case.


Changes we have instituted to keep patients and staff safe

  • In order to control social distancing, we will have everyone stay within a six foot radius from each other and patients.

     Policies we have been implemented to keep patients safe and         healthy

  • Removed all but 3 waiting room chairs to maintain the 6 ft distance required.
  • Cleaning of everything that a patient may touch including door handles
  • Removed all toys, prizes and books from all treatment areas
  • Changed systems so patient no longer have to touch computers or paperwork.
  • Minimizing contact of all paperwork to Doctor or staff only.
  • Patients do not have to wait in the waiting room and can proceed directly to a adjustment room or therapies
  • Patients can call from car and they will be placed directly into a adjustment room
  • All tools, tables and Hands are disinfected after each patient. All staff is encouraged to wear masks and wash hands between each patient.
  • All cleaning supplies are medical grade disenfectants
  • All staff is required to wear mask when in direct contact with patients.


 For any concerns or questions please call the office


Contact us!

1560 Eldridge Pkwy, ste 144
Houston, TX 77077

PH: (281) 293-9180

Fax: (281) 293-9181



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